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4 min readAug 1, 2022

Crosswise Shill Competition

Join for a chance to win 3K $CRSS!

Shillers unite! It’s time for a giveaway for our “Crosswise Apes” and anyone ready to take up the $CRSS cause. We will give away 3K $CRSS to the shill team with the most engagement from August 18 — August 25.


  • Assemble your shill team: Minimum 3 team members; no max!TEAMS LOCKED AT SUBMISSION!
  • Submit your teams info no later than 8 AM UTC August 18 in #shill-teams-giveaway-comp
  • Submit team Discord names, Twitters; Reddit’s; any other platform you plan to shill.
  • Minimum 50 tweets (includes replies to non CRSS tweets) per team, per day.
    - Tweets must include “@CrosswiseFi” and $CRSS.
  • Telegram shills that mention Crosswise should be collected as screenshots, and shared via Google Drive. Bonus points will be given to any team that can get Crosswise announcements pinned in call/shill groups.

Opportunities for Bonus Points

To obtain bonus points, teams can do so by achieving the following:

  • You get us announced & pinned on popular Discord channels related to cryptocurrency.
  • You get us tweeted (not retweeted), and/or pinned on relevant and popular Twitter profiles.
    - Tweets must include “@CrosswiseFi” and $CRSS.
  • You get a Crosswise related shill post/announcement pinned AND posted on a relevant and active Telegram community.
    - Botted communities will not be considered.
    - Announcement channels will not be considered.
  • You create a shill post on Crosswise in a relevant DeFi or cryptocurrency subreddit.
    - Post must have a considerable amount of upvotes & comments, a minimum of 100/20.
    - Botted posts will not be considered.
  • You get us posted on a relevant TikTok or YouTube channel.
    - Minimum views for eligibility — 1000.
    - Botted views & comments will not be considered.

Our team utilizes social media audit tools to evaluate whether the actions for bonus points are legitimate.


  • 3,000 $CRSS to be distributed to winning team members.
  • Locked “Shill Team #” role in discord.
  • Winning Team Members will get to start their own Shill Teams with unique roles for future incentives.


Are you an Influencer and want to become a Crosswise Ambassador?

We also want to give some spots for influencers that help spread the word. Just contact an admin via Telegram to get started: or contact our CEO @fbeeg on Telegram.

  • Spots: 10
  • Platform: Discord, Telegram, Twitter

We are currently headed to develop Crosswise even further and are looking for enthusiastic and influential members to drive Crosswise all the way to the top.

You are eligible to become a Crosswise Ambassador if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You have great connections in the Blockchain space and can accelerate the marketing and exposure efforts of Crosswise with unique DeFi directory listings, connections and community partnerships.
  • You run or administrate a strong community or following on Telegram/Twitter/Discord.
  • You are famous on social media.
  • You are a YouTuber and review hot coins and protocols.
  • You possess a strong drive for creative marketing and network building.

About Crosswise Finance

Next-gen cross-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX) building a seamless DeFi user experience. Crosswise Finance bridges the gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges, bringing together the best of both worlds. Crosswise is committed to it’s community and brings back customer service and support to the DeFi space.

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Crosswise Finance

Next-gen multi-chain Decentralized Exchange building a seamless DeFi user experience. Crosswise bridges the gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges.