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3 min readNov 1, 2021


Dear Crosswise Community,

We are very happy to announce our technical partnership with Chainlink Labs.

Crosswise and Chainlink Labs agreed terms to sign a technical partnership for all three of Chainlink Labs products: Price Feeds, VRF and Keepers.

Chainlink Price Feeds enable us to connect smart contracts with real-world market price data. This way we retrieve the real price of any asset calling Chainlinks Price Feed. Therefore we don’t rely on our own price data which results in higher security of our platform protecting us against Flash Loan Attacks and any kind of price manipulation.

To summarize: It makes it impossible to flash loan attack any kind of Tokens traded on our DEX.

Chainlink VRF is a provably-fair and verifiable source of randomness designed for smart contracts. With this function we are for e.g. able to select entries of users trying to participate in an ICO of our platform. The Chainlink VRF function enables us to randomly select a specific amount of users that are able to participate in that ICO. This leads to transparency as those participants get chosen via VRF and not one of our own scripts.

The last feature we will integrate is Keepers. Chainlink Keepers provide users with a decentralized network of nodes that are incentivized to perform all registered jobs (Upkeeps) without competing with one another, allowing you to focus on critical smart contract functionality. With this function we are able to create smart rules for smart contracts. Enabling or Disabling them when a certain condition is happening and so much more will lead to advanced, unique features on our DEX.

We are very excited about this Partnership to happen and we will soon give updates on the status of the Development with those unique functionalities.

Your Crosswise Team

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