Crosswise Weekly Recap: Week 45/2021

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4 min readNov 15, 2021

Dear Crosswise Users,

We had another interesting week packed with new developments, exciting updates and loads of interaction with our growing community.

Our most exciting event was definitely the Voice AMA with the SatoshiStreetBets community. As many of you guys know their community has a very strong standing point in the Crypto world and we were more than thrilled to have a chat with them. We needed at least 4 cups of coffee each as it took place at 4AM in our timezone, but we made it! We have recorded the AMA and you can listen to it here:

As many users have asked us how far the development is and how the visual design of the DAPP will look like we decided to give a sneak peak into the DAPP design. In the following weeks we will showcase the actual Beta of the platform via Video and screenshots. So stay tuned! Here you can find the Sneak Peak we already published.

Some quick screenshots to get your blood flowing below.

Furthermore we will also issue a Development Update on Medium at least twice a month starting from next week. Who’s excited?

Crosswise is getting more and more exposure from our amazing Community. We are amazed to see the enthusiasm by every member in our community. We have over 8.000 Telegram users in our Group, over 22.000 Followers on Twitter and our other channels are getting filled quickly, too!

Also, we had known channels publish Videos and review about Crosswise. Please find a selection below.

Another publication that really excited me was the interview i had with Our interview isn’t primarily about Crosswise, but rather about Blockchains and developments in Crypto in General. Have a read!

Something we always saw as a vital point of our project are local communities in native languages of our users. As many of you know many crypto communities are primarily in their native language, for e.g. Spanish, Chinese or French. We already have 7 active communities with local moderators set up and expanding daily, among these: Indonesian, Chinese, French, Russian, German, Portuguese and Arabic. Find links to all of our local communities on Linktree.

The last point I would love to mention is that we have sold Stage 2 and progressed into Stage 3. Just as of right now we have around 676.000 USD pledged and therefore are progressing to actually sell out and reach our Hard Cap. Reaching the Hard Cap would give the project huge exposure and inevitably a successful launch! Let’s do it.

Best regards,

Frederic Beeg, CEO of

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Crosswise Finance

Next-gen multi-chain Decentralized Exchange building a seamless DeFi user experience. Crosswise bridges the gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges.