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4 min readOct 5, 2022

Dear Crosswise Community,

We have come to the end of our 5 day consultation period, which gave the community an opportunity to report back any issues with their compensation entitlements. We are happy to report that no major issues have arisen, and everyone’s entitlements are correct and in line with the overall compensation scheme. This is great news and we can now fully focus on the upcoming re-launch, planned for October!

Reported Issues with Compensation

Most reports came from users that had not read the instructions and searched the list using their full wallet address. Another smaller group misunderstood the calculations, and a handful came from dip buyers that erroneously assumed they would get the full amount of CRSS tokens they bought after exploit.

Overall only 1 legitimate issue was found. In addition there was 1 late submission to the Hacked Wallet Replacement Program, as well as 1 correction. Every user received an email and/or Dirrect Message in Telegram or Discrod, with a short explanation. All changes resulting from this consultation have been added to the documentation accordingly

The same documentation and links apply:

Compensation Scheme

This document is intended for all users and explains the compensation scheme, underlying principles and the way it was calculated. Every effort has been made to enable non-technical users to understand the scheme.

Compensation Methodology

This document provides greater details about data manipulation and calculations. It is intended to supplement the Compensation Scheme document, so as to allow technical users to reproduce the snapshot and all additional calculations.

Compensation Calculation Instructions

Intended for technical users reproducing the compensation calculations, it provides detailed instructions to carry out the various scrips involved.

Lookup Compensation Entitlement

To lookup your final entitlement, open the public google sheet at press CRTL + F on Windows or CMD + F on a Mac to open the Search. Now copy your wallet address, paste it into the search, delete at least the last 5 characters, and press ENTER.

Next Steps

We will now focus on preparing the launch and will be setting a date as soon as feasible, with the intention to launch in October. There is a bit of polishing we want to do on the front-end, as well as re-checking of smart contract functionality. One of the major development we want to try to release as part of the re-launch is our stakeholder token sCRSS. This will enhance our tokenomics and pave the way towards greater decentralisation. The remainder of our focus will be on marketing preparations.

Liquidity Partner Program

With the imminent re-launch it is also worth mentioning that we are still accepting entries to our Liquidity Partner Program which offers extra generous returns to partners that lock up their liquidity for the first 3 months.

Who Is It For?

Needless to say, you need to share our enthusiasm for the project and believe in its longer-term future, as you will have to lock your LP tokens for 3 months. That means during those 3 months you will not be able to remove the LP provided.

In return you will be able to purchase $CRSS tokens at a competitive Over The Counter price, and receive generous rewards in our locked farms.

How Does It Work?

Community members wishing to take part will be able to purchase CRSS token at a fixed Over the Counter (OTC) price of 1.05 BUSD.

Although we will re-launch with a price of 0.95 BUSD, only the very first handful of buyers will be able to purchase at this price. The slight premium is intended to avoid abuse.

You will then need to provide the LP and stake your tokens in one of our locked CRSS-BNB and/or CRSS-BUSD farms.

The amount of available CRSS to purchase via this scheme is limited to 200,000 CRSS tokens, to avoid overly large OTC purchases. Allocation will be on a first come first serve basis.

Users need not be buying CRSS Over The Counter in order to take part. Everyone is welcome to stake LP in the locked pools.

How To Take Part?

Please join the Crosswise Liquidity Partner telegram group, where you will be able to reserve your CRSS purchase.

Closing Remarks

Finalising the Compensation Scheme is a great step forward, and clears the way for the re-launch in October! We’re incredibly excited, and hope you are as well!



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