Relaunch Development Update #2

Crosswise Finance
9 min readMar 22, 2022


Dear Community,

The past few weeks have been quietly intense for us as a team, as we sprint towards the re-launch. The following is a short rundown of the most significant recent developments.

Development Updates

The development team has made a lot of progress, successfully rebuilding all smart contracts from scratch. Currently, contracts are being tested internally, as we refine our test scripts and take the time to ensure we have covered all aspects.

This is a painstaking iterative process that pays off in peace of mind. Ultimately our team will be best placed to know the ins and outs of the code, so although we will submit the contracts for audit, we are not relying on the audit to pinpoint issues.

The following are major milestones we have accomplished, in preparation for the relaunch:

  • Successfully rebuilt all smart contracts from scratch, with internal testing ongoing
  • Improvements to user protection, with enhanced security measures put in place to mitigate flash loan attacks & deter front-running
  • Comprehensive revisions of important documentation — Crosswise GitBook & Litepaper
  • A complete redesign of the DEX with a more polished user interface, and a more functional user experience

More UI/UX Previews

The initial fork of the dApp came with a lot of design limitations, which we have addressed by comprehensively re-designing the user interface to better accommodate our needs.

We hope you will agree that the result is a more robust and functional product overall. Below are a few preview shots:

Dex Dashboard
Exchange Page
LP Farms
Staking Pools

Introducing Team Crosswise Finance

Our suspicion that some of the previous development team had been involved in exploiting Crosswise, necessitated a drastic shake-up, but we feel that we have come out of it stronger than before.

Our team expanded very quickly as we realized that a much more comprehensive re-build would be needed. This has allowed us to re-build at an accelerated pace, and has brought in new expertise.

We’d like to formally introduce our whole team, once again so that the community is reassured that we have a highly capable set of individuals building behind the scenes. On top of that, we also showcase who our team is in and out of their professional lives. Get to know them:

Frederic Beeg — Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Freddy is a long-time entrepreneur. At the age of 19, he set up what became the leading European marketplace for video game distribution in 2013, which he later sold to a major competitor.

In recent years he has focused on investing in crypto, building e-commerce platforms, and launching several brands on Amazon.

He spends most of his time between Phuket, Thailand and Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Freddy is also an avid tennis player.

Gregory Khine — Chief Operating Officer

Greg founded an award-winning web agency as well as popular online education resources in the late 90s.

He fell down the crypto rabbit hole in 2015, initially as a miner and has since developed a particular interest in DeFi, both the technology and its transformative potential.

Greg is a graduate of the London School of Economics & Political Science. In his free time he enjoys mountain biking and keeping up with international affairs.

Mike Choi — Chief Technology Officer

Mike has a lifelong passion for mathematics, programming, and more recently machine learning. His experience is wide-ranging, and in recent years he has successfully performed as a Systems Architect and CTO on a number of blockchain projects.

Mike leads the tech team with a strong work ethic and a rigorous analytical style. He has been key in re-auditing our codebase and implementing processes to improve coding standards and security. With a PhD in mathematics, Mike is also ideally placed, to optimize the overall efficiency of our DEX.

Away from tech life, Mike loves spending time with his family and kids, and enjoys photography, reading, swimming and bowling. Mike also enjoys teaching and generally sharing his knowledge with others.

Ted Chantarawanick — Chief Marketing Officer

Ted is a results-driven and meticulous growth hacker and digital marketing expert, with a particular knack for leveraging small teams to deliver outstanding results.

Ted’s experience has been with PropTech, E-Commerce, Blockchain, and FinTech startups, helping them establish brand integrity, drive engagement, and create new business opportunities.

He heads the marketing team at Crosswise and you will also frequently see him in our chat groups engaging our community. A visionary and true believer in a tokenized future, you will find Ted evangelizing blockchain technology even outside of his professional life.

He is also a passionate DOTA2 & casual PlayStation 5 gamer, coffee aficionado, and yield farmer.

Hui Meng — Lead Developer

Based in Hong Kong, Hui Meng is an experienced blockchain engineer specializing in cryptocurrency and NFT related projects. He is our Lead Developer and ensures the overall quality of our codebase.

He has developed in-depth knowledge of Solidity as we well as UI/UX using React and Vue.js. His style is meticulous and pro-active, and he is a great team player.

Away from his desk, you will most likely find Hui on the basketball court shooting hoops.

James Gao — Server Manager & Senior Back-End Developer

James is from Xiangtan, Hunan, China. He holds bachelor’s degree in computer science and has a profound understanding of software engineering.

He is a full stack developer who has contributed to several well-known DeFi projects. James also manages our servers.

In his spare time he is an avid climber and has a particular interest in architecture.

Pedro Costa — Lead Designer

Based in Portugal, Pedro is a seasoned Product Designer with a decade of experience in graphic, UX and motion design. His extensive experience and ability to provide creative direction has led him to work for high profile clients such as Amazon and Oris, amongst others. More recently, Pedro co-founded and led the design for Munch token, a charity crypto project.

Fueled by a passion to design compelling products, Pedro constantly refines and prototypes to perfect his designs. Pedro is currently pioneering UI/UX at Crosswise, and contributing towards the evolution of user experiences in DeFi.

Away from the screen, Pedro appreciates fine dining, having been a chef early in his career.

Bikas Lin — Front-End Developer

Bikas is part of our front-end development team, where we rely on his extensive UI/UX experience to come up with easy to use and intuitive dApp interfaces.

Since graduating from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Bikas honed his skills on a number of projects and has accumulated over 6 years experience, particularly with the MERN stack. In recent years his focus has shifted to blockchain technologies such as Web3JS, Solidity, and Rust.

Bikas is based in Hong Kong. Away from work, he enjoys playing table tennis and is also a talented drummer.

Meng Lin — Front-End Developer

Based in Hong Kong, Meng is a full-stack developer with over 6 years professional experience. He codes with a distinct passion and attention for detail, always seeking to find the optimal solution and extending his skillset.

His greatest strengths are his problem solving skills and ability to quickly understand complex problems, and coming up with creative yet precise solutions. Lin is also a natural team player, always aware of other team members’ needs.

Outside of the realm of blockchain, you will most likely find Meng on a the football pitch.

Grigoriy Park — Front-End Developer

Grigoriy is a seasoned full-stack developer with both front and back-end experience. With exposure to a range of industries, he has particularly varied experience, and is an outstanding problem-solver.

At Crosswise, Grigoriy has been instrumental in helping to develop our DEX front-end, and is taking on crucial testing and quality assurance tasks. Grigoriy is a passionate developer who enjoys a collaborative environment and wants to build as a team.

Based in Moscow, he enjoys kicking back and watching football when taking a break from software development.

Andy Lee — Front-End Developer

Andy is an experienced C++ and Java developer, who started his career programming mobile games. After several years he became an embedded software engineer, and eventually joined the world of Blockchain technology, where he was involved in several web3 projects. Andy is a very astute problem solver with mathematical and analytical strengths.

At Crosswise Finance, Andy shares responsibility for front-end development, ensuring our dApps run buttery smooth. Outside of work Andy is a keen volleyball player.

Audit Submission

We will be submitting our contracts for audit to CertiK either this week or next. From there, it will take about 3–4 weeks for their preliminary report, which will be followed by any resolution necessary. This will keep going until all issues have either been resolved or addressed satisfactorily.

We cannot, and therefore will not, provide an expected date, as it entirely depends on how many iterations are needed to address ALL issues. Once the audit is complete we will announce a re-launch date.


Understandably, many of you are eager to know more details about the compensation plan. However at this point in time there is little added detail we can provide.

Our intention remains as stated to reinstate monetary value, and we have been busy building the tech to be able to undertake this complex task.

Finalizing compensation is high on the agenda, but we need to look towards the future and prioritize the re-launch. Without it, or further delaying it, we would sadly have to close our doors.

Closing Remarks

We continue to feel incredibly honored to be building in this community, as we rebuild the product we promised to deliver. We thank you once more for sticking with us and look forward to the re-launch!

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Next-gen multi-chain Decentralized Exchange building a seamless DeFi user experience. Crosswise bridges the gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges.