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3 min readMay 24, 2023


Dear Crosswise.finance Community,

we are finally ready to announce all details regarding the release of Version 2 of Crosswise.finance. After succesfully finishing all bug fixing related to our Beta, which can be found under Beta.crosswise.finance, we are moving towards the launch. Let’s proceed with the launch details.

Launch Details

Network: BNB Smart Chain

RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/

ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com

Contract Addresses: to be announced on Twitter, Telegram and Discord

Start Price: 0.95 USD

Ecosystem Token Ticker: $CRSS

Shareholder and Governance Token: $sCRSS

Initial Trading Pairs:

$CRSS- $BNB with 5000 USD liquidity

$CRSS- $BUSD with 5000 USD liquidity

Launch Date: 02. June 2023, 9AM UTC

Trading: On our DEX, URL: https://app.crosswise.finance

Max Supply: 50 Million $CRSS

Emission: 1.2 for the first 14 days, 1 after that. We estimate 5–8 years to reach max supply.


A more detailed Table of Fees will be posted in our Gitbook shortly.

Swap Fee on Dex: 0.25% (0.17% going back to LP providers, 0.08% to Accountant)

CRSS Transaction Fee (on Transactions involving CRSS Token) : 0.1% Fee

Deposit Fee on LPs in Space Farm: 2% going to Accountant

LP Auto Compound Fee: 5% on Rewards going to Accountant


Crosswise.finance V2 comes equipped with all features needed to fulfil our mission towards bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Our Swap features built-in price charts, a custom vetted token list and a very easy-to-use user interface.

Adding liquidity lets you earn trading fees and depositing the LP tokens in the Space Farms will give you the advantage of earning additional LP tokens (with “Hyper Accelerator” our built-in Auto Compound) or CRSS Tokens. We have added an option to earn a bonus of up to 233% on those rewards with our optional Vesting Bonus. You can easily turn it on and off and select the amount of time you would like to vest your earnings, which is set to a maximum of 12 months.

Also, you are able to easily monitor the earnings of all of the Space Farms you deposited LP Tokens in on top of the page. A sleek Dashboard shows you all accumulated earnings, pending rewards and the staked value and additionally lets you Mass Harvest from all Farms with one transaction.

Our Moonwalkers Affiliate Program lets you earn Lifetime comission from the earnings of your friends. You are able to easily share your affiliate link and monitor all users, that signed up using your link. The Dashboard shows you the Total Referrals, Total Rewards Earned, Rewards in Vesting and Unclaimed Rewards. Rewards in Vesting shows specificially the amount you will be able to claim later as rewards from users, which have turned on the Vesting Bonus, will be available once their Vesting End Date is met. On another note you will receive more earnings, as their earnings are gradually higher due to the turned on Vesting Bonus, so there is nothing to worry about.


We know that Marketing is an essential topic, especially during a Bear Market, and is something that concerned many initial investors. Therefore we have been working on a refined marketing plan, which includes the usage of Moonwalkers Affiliate, Partnerships with projects, that will be added to our DEX and receive their own incentivized Space Farm to create trade volume, new users, buy pressure and higher TVL.

Furthermore we will be using a marketing mix of AMAs, Advertisement and will explore the opportunities of going multi-chain and therefore adding additional user groups and target markets as already mentioned in our initial Litepaper.


The waiting time is over! Our whole team is more than excited to say the least to release Version 2. We will need the support and help of our whole community and initial investors to turn Crosswise.finance V2 into a success. For that reason we ask all of our users to be supportive, share and promote the release and let us finally take off. 🚀

Crosswise.finance Team



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